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Lenses and Lens Treatments

B-Town Eyecare uses the highest quality ophthalmic lenses and treatments. Your eyeglass lenses are the most important selections you will make when purchasing eyewear. That's why our knowledgeable optical team will make sure that your lenses are fabricated exactly as Dr. Bansal has prescribed.

Single vision lenses are used to correct myopia (near-sightedness) and hyperopia (far-sightedness). This design provides the same correction over the entire area of the lens.

Progressive lenses correct for presbyopia (the lost ability of the eye to focus). This design transitions corrective power from top to bottom, restoring clear vision at all distances.

Workstation lenses (also known as “anti-fatigue” or “computer” lenses) are designed to alleviate the eye strain and stress experienced with prolonged near tasks. They work to reduce the effort that would otherwise be placed on your eyes, within a close environment.

Anti-Glare Lens Treatment: The single most important addition to your eyewear is an Anti-Glare Lens Treatment. First developed to improve the performance of telescopes, microscopes and camera lenses, Anti-Glare treatments vastly improve the quality of your vision by reducing unwanted reflections from the lens surfaces. Anti-Glare Treatments make your lenses appear almost invisible, reduce eye fatigue from glare and reduce haloes around lights.

Polycarbonate: Developed during the space race in the 1960′s and introduced to the ophthalmic lens market in the late 1970′s, polycarbonate has been available as a thinner and lighter choice in lens material for over 30 years.

High Index & Aspheric Designs: If you require a stronger prescription, advances in lens materials and designs can make your eyewear far better than ever before. There are several High Index materials and aspheric lens designs that are ideal for those individuals with higher power prescriptions needs. Proper choice of the combination of material and design will help to minimize the thickness and weight of your lenses, help eliminate unwanted magnification and reduce distortion of the appearance of your eyes and face as seen by others.

Transition lenses: For those who want the convenience of a “2 in 1” lens. These lenses turn dark outside with exposure to light to provide sun protection and change back to clear once inside! We are proud to partner with companies dedicated to enhancing quality of life through eyewear.