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At B-Town Eyecare we only use the highest quality ophthalmic lenses and treatments. Your eyeglass lenses are the most important selections you will make when purchasing eyewear. That’s why our knowledgeable optical team will make sure that your lenses are fabricated exactly as Dr. Bansal has prescribed.

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Single Vision Lenses

Nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism: the single vision or ‘single focus’ lens is the most obvious solution to fix simple visual defects. Its characteristic: it has the same power over the whole of its surface. It can come in two forms: one with a spherical surface for moderate vision corrections or an aspherical surface (flatter and more aesthetic) for strong corrections. Available in several types of material, from the thinnest to the most resistant, these lenses are suited to every lifestyle, age, personality, activity and even every morphology.

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Progressive Lenses

Whether it was perfect at birth or not, our vision inevitably evolves around the age of 45. Fine print, dim lighting: we experience more difficulty seeing close up. We’ve become presbyopic. Why? Our crystalline, the natural lens of the eye, loses its elasticity and is less able to adjust. If we already have another vision correction, progressive lenses are a simple and effective solution to remedy this inconvenience without the need to change glasses constantly. Their principle: a power that varies smoothly and seamlessly over the surface of the lens. At the top, it adapts to far vision; in the middle, intermediate vision; at the bottom, near vision. These lenses are compatible with all visual corrections and all surface treatments.

Our progressive lens of choice is the Varilux® progressive lenses, which provide sharp vision at every distance—even in dimly lit conditions—eliminating the blurriness and low-light issues of ordinary progressive lenses.

Varilux Physio: Help your eyes work better together. Transition from near to far and every distance in between smoothly and effortlessly. Varilux® Physio® features all the benefits of Varilux Comfort®, and uses the prescriptions from both your eyes so your lenses are calculated as a pair, letting your eyes work better together.

Varilux Comfort: Sharp, natural vision at any distance. No more squinting in a candlelit restaurant or missing the subtle beauty during sunset. Get sharp, natural vision at any distance, even in low lighting conditions, with Varilux Comfort.

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Lined Bifocal Lenses

Bifocal lenses only allow you to clearly see far away and up close. Objects at arm’s length will still appear blurry. Additionally, there is an abrupt change between the near and far viewing areas. This is the reason why Varilux progressive lenses provide sharp vision and smooth transitions at any distance.

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Anti-Fatigue Lenses

Between computers, tablets, and smartphones, we’re needing computer glasses more than ever before. All that screen time can be hard on your eyes and may cause digital eye strain. Eyezen™ enhanced single vision lenses provide sharper vision than ordinary single vision lenses and are available to everyone—whether you have a prescription or just want a pair of computer glasses. Eyezen enhanced single vision lenses are designed for the way you see the world, reducing strain from viewing digital devices. These computer glasses also filter blue-violet light, helping to keep your eyes protected and comfortable, even on your most digital days.

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Lenses for Kids 

Reading, focusing, seeing the board at school—with the right glasses, your child can conquer the world, or at least first grade. And with the smudge and scratch-resistant technology of Crizal Kids UV™ No-Glare lenses, their ultra-durable glasses will provide the clarity they need to succeed in school and in life. You can also help protect your child’s vision against Harmful Blue Light with Crizal® Prevencia® Kids No-Glare lenses. Blue light comes primarily from the sun and artificial light sources like digital screens and fluorescent lights. With more and more access to screen-time, this young generation needs long-term protection. Ask us if Crizal No-Glare lenses are right for your child. Other options for your child are Transitions® Light Intelligent Lenses, which provide UV protection and reduced exposure to Harmful Blue Light, and Eyezen™ enhanced single vision lenses, which help defend against digital eye strain.

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