Windows to Your Health: The Importance of Routine Eye Exams

Eye disease is common and can go unnoticed for a long time—some even have no symptoms. A comprehensive dilated eye exam is necessary to find eye disease in the early stages. These early stages are when treatment to prevent vision loss is most effective.

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The tests included in a comprehensive eye examination can vary according to a patient’s age, overall systemic health, and family history. Trained technicians assist our doctor with some of the medical history and testing.

The following is a list of the tests that will be administered during your complete eye exam.

Visual Acuity

Testing that measures and assesses how clear your vision is. It measures what is considered normal vision at a distance of 20 feet.

Retinoscopy and Refraction

The Reichert VRX System is used, along with a traditional retinoscope to measure your current eyeglasses or contact lens prescription.


An microscope-like instrument is utilized by the doctor to look inside the eye for signs of common eye diseases and conditions.

Visual Field Testing

We have two different means of testing your peripheral vision to identify blind spots or problems at a very early stage of disease.

Binocular Vision Testing

Various tests to check how well the eyes are working together as a team, and to detect strabismus (abnormal alignment of the eyes).

Eye Pressure Test

Also known as tonometry, this test measures the pressure within the eye.

Please Note: We DO NOT utilize the

"air puff" testing method.

Dilated Fundus Examination

Evaluation of the optic nerve, retinal tissue, and blood vessels using an ophthalmoscope and special magnifying lenses after pupil dilation.

Dry Eye Screening

If you are symptomatic or showing signs of Dry Eye Disease, a screening test using the Oculus Keratograph 5 is performed. This test will assess the severity of symptoms and help identify a treatment regimen.

iWellness & Fundus Photos

The Optovue technology is utilized to take photos of the internal structures of your eyes. This advanced technology will help analyze the various layers of the retina for disease.

How is an eye exam different at our office?

We will discuss any problems you are having with your eyes or vision.

We will talk about your health history. Systemic health conditions and medications can affect the health of your eyes.
We will ask you about your career and hobbies. Different professions may require specific eyewear or contact lens designs.
The doctor will check the health of your eyes, which is the most important part of the exam.

We will determine and finalize eyeglasses prescription and trial the new prescription in-office. This is done to make sure you are comfortable with the new prescription.
We will discuss new contact lens technology options so you can see clearly, even without glasses.

At the end of your visit, you will have an opportunity to ask questions, and be involved with a personalized treatment plan that will ensure that you see your best, and that your eyes remain healthy in the future. You will receive a copy of your prescription, along with handouts that will summarize the findings and review recommendations.

Why is Dilation Important?

If your eye doctor examines your eyes without dilation, they will not be able to see any serious problems that may be developing in the back of the eye.

Remember that it is difficult to drive or read when the pupils are dilated. Since the dilation may take several hours to wear off, patients should arrange a ride home from their appointment.

We recommend that patients schedule late afternoon appointments or plan to take a few hours off from work or school on the day of their comprehensive eye exam. Bright daylight may be extremely uncomfortable for dilated eyes, so it’s a good idea to bring sunglasses to wear after the exam.

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